Emmamonsta {엠마}

Art trade with ekayart! (:

I hope you’ll like it~ xx

Thank you so much again for your drawing, it looks wonderful~<3

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Art trade with Emma !

Hogarth, Annie & Dean from Iron Giant.

I think I messed up Hogarth’s hair colour so let’s just not pay too much attention to that.

This took so long cause I just couldn’t get Dean’s face right; Sorry >_<; I hope you like this! ;___;

Ohh!! It’s amazing!! O: Hogarth is SO adorable and Annie is just beautiful jfc! Holy! Don’t worry about Dean, he looks perfect, actually, he looks more of an artist than in the movie haha~ :D That’s awesome!! I love it so much!

It’s too much, my part will look like poop compared to that! Cx

awww thank you so very much for that, this is so gorgeous, I can’t even!!<33

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More sketching of the AU… (:

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Sketching characters for my Nightwish AU! (:

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Jarida hug~

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Hiccstrid hug~

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Eugenzel hug~

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Just found that in an old math notebook!~ I drew that a few years ago but I think I never posted it because it was on grid paper… I don’t see an other reason haha~

enjoy the baby Hiccstrid feels~<3

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Jaridaster my fav Ot3 <3

*btw that’s a swim top not a bra*~

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This is for the Jarida week~ Day 5 : Legends

{since my handwriting looks horrible I’ll just add the lines I wanted to add here}

I believe in them because…

What they do is amazing…

They’re always there for me…

Sometimes it’s like they were there for real…

I’m sorry it’s really sketchy but I hope you’ll still like it<3

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