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Since I’m getting a LOT of asks about who I ship,

here is a ist of the main pairings/couples/ships [whatever you call them] that I would, or would not draw

*I’ll update it if there are ones missing*

*note I am not into animes and mangas,
so there won’t be a lot of drawings of those…

●| I can do (I ship)

■ Animation


■ Movie/TV


■ Mangos/Animus


●| I cannot do (I don’t ship)

■ Animation


■ Movie/TV

♦any other ship

■ Mangos/Animus


You can always ask, but if the pairing is on the list, I won’t respond.

And if you are wondering, I am not taking requests nor suggestions right now, I have way too much to do already I’m sorry… :(

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anon 1

That’s so kind! Thank you so much!~ Yes, of course!^^

anon 2

I’ll let you guess.

anon 3

I don’t know what you are talking about, but I’m assuming it’s my RotBTD fanfiction since it’s the only rotbtd thing I’m working on, but no sorry. There will be RainbowSnowcone and Asterida~

anon 4

Thank you! C: I promise!~

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I’m gonna answer all my asks/messages right now ‘cause there are SO MUCH and if I don’t do something now I’m never gonna respond… I’m such a lazy ass!

AND BTW, about my nsfw blog, it may be the less nsfw blog of all nsfw blog, but it’s still NSFW and why the fuck are there 18- kids following me there!?! O.o

I am not responsible of your ruined childhood!* Thank you.~ jfc Cx

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What is jasterida?

Jack Frost x Bunnymund x Merida (:

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~To do list~

Here is a list of all the drawings I’m doing and finishing

*I’ll update it if I see one missing*

{progression □□□□□}

●| Requests

jackfrostftw RainbowSnowcone ■■■■
gublernationfandom Alex&Matt ■■■

●| 1k Follows

Helsa nsfw■■■■
♦ Kristanna/Helsa comic ■■
♦ Jasterida □□
♦ Helsa balloon ■■■
♦ Project Guardian RainbowSnowcone comic □□

●| Others

♦ Jarida ■□
Fractures ■■■■■
♦ The thaw □□
♦ Project Guardian □□

●| Personnal

♦ Nightwish AU
♦ Helsa doujinshi
♦ Hiccstrid
♦ FMA □□□□□

I’m still in college right now so for the next 5-6 weeks I won’t have an infinite amout of time to draw but I really do my best and I hope you can understand that it’s not funny for me neither to not be able to finish everything in a matter of minutes I’m just a simple human…

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Good morning, lover. Where shall we rule today?

Dedicated especially to emma-monsta

Awwwww!! OMy god Kiome it’s soooo pretty how can you be so great jfhd!?! That’s amazing~<3 :D I love it xx

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It’s been forever since I’ve colored one of my drawing! I have to practice though! :)

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Have you noticed that most Helsa and Jarida fans are together on this cruise ship?

No… really? I don’t really get why but that’s great! :)

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How are you so great at drawing? Like seriously? I'd LOVE to have your art skills

Don’t smoke. Don’t do drugs, Don’t drink too often and… Eat fruits! xx

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bente36 replied to your photo“I’m gonna add Kristoff later I still don’t know what bird he’s gonna…”
pfffffttt chicken xDDD Kristoff could be a pigeon. what about hummingbird as Tooth? o3o
OMg haha!
I think I’ll go with reindeer king for Kristoff, Hummingbird for Toothie, Phoenix for Merida (suggested by Kiome!) and Chicken winged kangaroo for Bunny! Black panther for Pitch?… Dragon for Hiccup…

…and I don’t know for astrid, Punzie and Flynn?

bente36 answered: WOAH PHOENIX!!! Lioness could work too. Bunny though lol! Black Panther is good~ much unique than the horse. Flynn could be a fox or wolf?

How about Cameleon Punzie!?

*Scariest sh*t I’ve ever drawn…*

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