You like the anime vampire knight?

I don’t know that anime~ ^^

I did something silly after being inspired while watching “Just go With it”. It’s from the Coconut Smoochie game scene (x).

pffffffffttttt hahahaha omg I love that!!


I’m opening two slots for commissions, it’s kind of a test to see how it goes~

The page is pretty ugly but if I actually get commissioned I may make a proper post/page for my commissions!

feel free to message me for any questions~ xx

*Here it is*

I would be interested in a commission of your beautifully amazing art! Which makes two interested parties!
Thank you very much~ ;u;
maybe… I could try something out, I really don’t know though…
Hello!! Do you take commissions? :3

Hi! not at the moment… I don’t know if my art is really worth being commissioned and if people would even be interested… ;n;

I know my handwritting is ugly, I’m sorry!

I was tagged by the lovely disneydame88~

and I’m tagging kiome-yasha, guardianoffrost, sassy-frost-lord & ekayart!

(You don’t have to if you don’t want~)

Art trade with arcanabreak~

I really hope you like it!

I’m sorry if I messed up Tooth’s hair or clothes! (°//O//°)


Can we please stop stealing people’s art without their consent?

Especially Japanese artists?

Because believe or not, when you take a dojinka’s art and post it somewhere else without permission, not only will you make them very sad (not to mention angry) when they find out, but you…

WIPs, wips everywhere!~ :D

Ask time!

This is a long post to answer my anon asks so I’ll hide it under a “read more" so it doesn’t bother too much.

(sorry for mobile users)

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